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Advisory Services

Are you...?

  • Looking to compliment an existing real estate portfolio with senior housing?

  • Do you have financing, development, or other real estate experience, but lack skills to evaluate or execute on senior housing deal?

  • Is your project underway, but due diligence missed key issues, or they have become larger than initially thought and now you need some help?

Lisa Brush, MBA CPA and CEO of Blue Lotus Senior Living and her team have many years of experience in the North American senior housing industry. We span a large “hands on” arena of expertise from development, acquisitions, financing, operations and all its related functional areas.

Lisa and the team at Blue Lotus are available for consulting opportunities where you may need assistance with a new or proposed investment. We work quickly and efficiently. We don’t live off consulting or management fees, we are a JV investor and won’t get involved on a long advisory engagement, unless we are ready to co-invest with you.

Often, new entrants to the senior housing business are not sure where to start. “They don’t know - what they don’t know,” as they say. We can guide your organization along a logical path, starting with a preliminary evaluation of the opportunity, to business plan development, to execution and finally, ongoing operations.

Contact us today for Senior Housing Advisory Services

Lisa Brush, CEO and Founder, directly at

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