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Dining & Nutrition


Senior Living Dining Services 

Blue Lotus understands that food is a joyful and important part of life. Nutrition for seniors can become a challenge when older adults live alone, sometimes losing interest in meals altogether. Problems with overall well-being can occur as a result. The opportunity to enjoy healthy, delicious meals without having to prepare them is a wonderful part of the senior nutrition program at Blue Lotus.

Fresh creations are prepared daily by our talented chef and dietary staff, with a goal to prepare a variety of healthy senior meals for seniors without ever compromising taste. As part of our senior nutrition program, all of our residents enjoy three delicious home-cooked meals daily with a wide variety of snacks and refreshments available around the clock. Residents can also reserve our beautiful private dining room to enjoy meals with family and friends. Entertain, relax, and socialize in style!

Please feel free to visit any of our Blue Lotus properties for a complimentary meal to experience our excellent senior living dining services, warm hospitality and our delicious food.

Contact us today to find out more about our senior nutrition program,

or schedule a visit to enjoy a meal for yourself!

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