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Invest with Blue Lotus- an opportunity for quality, hassle-free, long- term investments.

Blue Lotus’s business purpose is to opportunistically acquire, re-develop, and manage senior living communities in the United States with a focus on Florida and the southeast. We focus on BOTH real estate and operations – they go hand in hand; they can not be separated in senior housing – the details count big. Spending on items that have no value to the customer or extend the life of the building are pointless – just as wasting money on items that are not necessary to the business operations or customer satisfaction. We spend our dollars with the understanding that the resident is the sole payor of services and they deserve our attention in how we spend their money; that includes on capital or on day to day items. 


We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. Our investors get timely, clean and accurate reporting; we don’t engage in financial gymnastics and we expect our investing partners to trust us enough that they don’t micro manage operations. We provide weekly/monthly and annual reporting. All our financials are on an accrual basis accounting and comply with AIPCA standards and they are audited annually.


We are continually reviewing the market and our services to our residents, to ensure they meet theirs and the future market needs. We are firm believers of balancing mission and margin and ensuring that the income generated from a property is focused on steady, long term returns. During the recent and ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 our focus was 100% on protecting the residents and therefore our investors reputations and returns. Our properties remain 100% covid free and no use of staffing agency or extenuating losses – yes occupancy took a hit, as it must in the short term. Our partners let us manage and stayed away from an area of operations they had nothing to offer in real assistance. We bought no fancy gadgets to clean, no new technology and no consultants to help us with IPAC measures. We rolled up our sleeves and EVERYONE – corporate team included - focused on operations and keeping residents safe and families involved. We are now looking forward to again growing safely together into the future with a 98% vaccinated resident and 100% vaccinated staff base.

Management Services

Blue Lotus provides its senior living investors & partners with comprehensive, and strategic management services that add proven and extensive value to the asset and position each property for a range of exit strategies or provide stable returns to long term holders. Most importantly – you will be proud to own and partner with a Blue Lotus Senior Living community.


At the heart of our operations strategy, Blue Lotus believes that all seniors deserve to live in a residential and comfortable environment that meets their needs and wishes. Our communities and their leaders, champion the rights of our residents and we strongly believe that all services can and will be delivered in private, dignified, choice driven environments that look and feel like the homes we are used to living in. No matter how much or little personal assistance our residents need, we want them to feel at home and enjoy their home with their families and loved ones.


Blue Lotus Senior Living and it Canadian counter part Symphony Senior Living, which was founded in 2008, by Lisa M Brush, share a long standing history for quality operations and solid returns for investors. Ms. Brush has over 25 years of experience in the management, development and financing of senior housing properties throughout Canada and the US.


The Blue Lotus team applies the collective experience of a very talented and passionate individuals, with solid operating programs and financial systems to support investors and operations. We will apply to every opportunity a focused market-based brand strategy, along with innovative operational programs executed with passionate discipline, to improve the lives of the residents that live with us and maximize the return to our investors.

Not sure if a Senior Housing investment is for you? Consider engaging us for Advisory Services for your idea or project… we can help you navigate through the ideas, strategy, and projected financial returns. If we think there is a good opportunity and valid investment, you may have found your operating partner!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a partner with Blue Lotus and investing in senior living, please contact us at

You can also check out our sister brand, Symphony Senior Living, here:

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